What are 2 in 1 detox patches?

2 in 1 foot patches

Our 2 in 1 pads come pre assembled for your convenience. The patch has the adhesive layer attached to the pad. All you have to do is peel away the paper to reveal the sticky layer and stick the patch to your foot. Further down the page you can see the original detox patches that are supplied in 2 parts. 

2 in 1 patch

Simply peel & apply

2 in 1 pads are easy to handle. They come already assembled for your convenience.  2 in 1 patches are easy to peel and stick to your feet!

All our scented detox pads are 2 in one design.

Original patch

2 step process

Original detox patches require you to apply an adhesive sheet to the detox patch. This takes time and effort. 

Original detox patches were created in two sections. One part has a special pouch designed to allow the absorption of fluid. The second part is the adhesive patch that you attach manually to the pouch yourself. Easy to do.

2 in 1 Natural Detox Foot Patches Stamps