LED Facial Mask for Skin Care 7 colour USB rechargeable


LED Facial Masks for Skin Care are easy to use. As we age, our skin becomes blotchy, saggy and wrinkled. When we are younger many of us suffer from acne. Would you like an easy way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles? Would you like a chemical free way to kill acne bacteria? Have you seen the LED Facial Mask for Skin Care on TV?

  • LED Facial Mask for Skin Care utilises 7 colours
  • Use at home unit
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LED Facial Mask for Skin Care, 7 LED Photon light, USB rechargeable

Would you like an easier way to achieve younger looking skin? Look below at the features list of this device.

  • LED Facial Mask for Skin Care
  • 7 colour Photon LED lights
  • LED lights
  • Use on your Face

This pack contains:

  • 1 x LED Facial Mask for Skin Care
  • Rechargeable with USB cable included
  • 1 x head strap

Delicate and gentle:

  • Comfortable to wear and easy to use
  • Suitable for sensitive and normal skin

LED Facial Mask 7 colour red light front view

Simple “how to use” instructions:

The LED Facial Mask for Skin Care is easy to use. Please read the “how to use” instructions contained in your pack.

LED Facial Mask 7 colour red blue yellow light front view with box

LED Facial Mask for Skin Care 7 colour USB rechargeable:


  • Pack Size: 210mm x 185mm x 125mm
  • Face mask size: H: 195mm x 168mm x 115mm
  • Net weight: 80g


  • Output Voltage: 5V/1A
  • Wavelengths: Vary between 160-730nm
  • LED colour: Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Purple/Clear Blue/Laser Light
  • Gross Weight 440g (fully packaged)
  • CE, RoHS, FC


Photon LED light – Manufacturer notes:

The manufacturer makes the following information available to help you understand the benefits of using a Facial Beauty mask.

LED Facial Mask 7 colour front view

Depending on your own circumstances, the following wavelengths may provide these benefits:

Red light 650-730nm

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Blue light 525-550nm

Improves acne, skin inflammation.

Green light 430-450nm

Reduces and lightens pigmentation.

Yellow light 565-570nm

Improve rough skin, wrinkles, skin redness and irritation.

Purple light 380-440nm

Minimise pores and repair texture

Clear Blue light 160-195nm

Balances skin tone, accelerate blood circulation

Laser light – soft light

Accelerate active tissue metabolism by penetrating deep in the epidermis.

Portable and lightweight

Portable and light weight design with USB charging allows for flexibility and ease of movement.

Water resistance: 

This device is not waterproof and should not be operated near any water source. Clean with a moist to dry cloth.

Keep away from your eyes and avoid contact with eyes, mucus membranes and other sensitive body parts. Do not use on or near eyes, broken skin, open cuts or sores or rashes.
Do not use the LED Facial Mask for Skin Care – 7 colour on areas of broken skin or open wounds. If you observe any side effects, stop using product immediately and seek medical help if required. If you feel irritation or experience redness stop using the product.

Not to be used by people with cardiac pacemaker or other medical implants or devices. Do not use on areas where you have plastic surgery.

Do not use on open wounds, swelling, itching or inflamed skin. Do not use on sensitive skin or if you have allergies to any of the ingredients listed. If you have any adverse reactions to the product or experience any unwelcome side effects such as itching, irritation or rashes, please discontinue use immediately.


Use only as directed.

Do not use on open wounds.
Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.
Do not use if you have blood circulation problems or high blood pressure.
Keep out of reach of children. Not to be used by children, keep out of reach of children. Use for 18 years and above. Obtain doctors advice for children under 18.
Always consult your doctor prior to using this product.

For external use only. Not to be swallowed or taken for internal use. Unopened and opened packaging should avoid direct sunlight and any kind of heat. Store in cool place inside house. Do not leave open for re-use.

Always read the label and use only as directed.
If symptoms persist please see your doctor.

Weight 500 g


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