Slim Patches - FAQ

Patches are 100% pure natural ingredients. It is applied externally therefore no burden is placed on internal organs such as the stomach, liver or Kidneys. It is caffeine free. If you have any allergies please consult your own health care expert before using regarding your own personal circumstances. Women who are in any stages of pregnancy or lactation period should avoid using this product.

This is an externally applied patch, it is 100% natural and has no side effects, however it is always important to consult your physician if you are taking medications or you are prone to skin allergies.

The process of applying the patch to the navel area is in accordance with the time tested Chinese Acupuncture therapy, which has been developed and proven effective for over 2000 years. It has also been shown that this area of the body provides for a large concentration of blood vessels and capillary veins that allow the skin permeation process to work most effectively, by giving the herbal compounds direct access to the body.

When you are asleep, the body tends to store excess fat because metabolism is at the lowest level, therefore it is important to start the weight loss process at night. Medicines taken orally metabolise in 2-4 hours and may have no continual effect, however the Natural Slim Patch can be effective for 12 hours, preventing fat synthesis and promoting fat decomposition. This is why you might find the patch could be effective for you.

Applying the Natural Slim Patch, it may assist you to control your appetite, increase your metabolism (burn excess fat), reduce fat absorption and it may also assist in removing toxins from the body. 

You should notice a change within the first 12 days. In one weight reducing cycle (28 days) you can lose up to 9 kilograms. Obviously, individual results do vary. It is important to follow the instructions.