Detox Foot Pads - FAQ

A build-up of toxins in your body can cause poor health and illness.
We no longer eat fresh unprocessed food every day. Our air is polluted and our water is treated to make it safe. The environment in which we live has changed dramatically and our bodies are struggling to cope with all the toxins in our environment.
Natural Detox Foot Patches may help your body to naturally remove those toxins.

When you first start using detox foot patches it is recommended that you use them every night for one week. You will know how the detoxification is progressing by the color of the discharge in the patch. For some the length of time it takes to detox is short, others take longer.
This depends on lifestyle, health and other variables.

Detox products shown on our website are original Hodaf patches.  We only supply authentic top quality patches.

It makes sense to wear the patch at night as it can be uncomfortable to walk around wearing patches on the soles of your feet. It is more comfortable for you.

Applying the Natural Detox Patch, it may assist you in removing toxins from the body. 

Its always best to use detox foot patches at night time. This is when your body is in “repair mode”. Review your detox foot pads cleansing progress each day. Check for discolourisation. When there is not much appearing on the detox pads, you can stop using the pads.